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Master Barbers



Mike Foust - Owner

(615) 294-3444

I'm a lifelong time resident of Mount Juliet, graduating from MJHS in 1990. I grew up playing sports while working on Herschel Ligon's farm and enjoyed every minute of that time. After a twelve year run with Purity Dairies, God led me to a new chapter and season of my life that will provide a place where his word could be spoken and all are welcome while providing a quality service in a haircut or shave. I am thankful for my family: Beth, Taylor, Adam and Jake and we are active members of The Bridge Fellowship. I invite all to come be a part of NEXT quality haircuts and I thank you for visiting our website. Blessings- Mike Foust



Eddie Beene - Master Barber

(615) 708-7852

I am a Chattanooga to Mt. Juliet transplant from 30+ years ago. I moved to Nashville to pursue my barber career. Barbering sort of runs in my family as my father as well as my uncles were all barbers. Cars and wrenches have always been my passion, but my living comes from those same hands cutting one of the best flat tops in town, along with "old school" razor cuts, or just about anything you can show me a picture of! A few select call me dad (4) or Papaw (8), but many call me their barber! Come see me and I'll add a laugh through conversation with that great haircut!


Derrel Jordan - Master Barber

(256) 390-3114

I have over 40 years experience in hair business. I am a master barber/stylist and I am certified in non surgical hair graft replacements.  I can both sell and service replacements.  I am proud to be working at NEXT and will be there on Thursday's, Friday's and Saturday's. Appointments and walk ins are welcome.


Ty Brown - Master Barber

(615) 815-5614


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